VOICE CHANGER to your cell phone! (SONY ERICSSON)

- It is easy to use!
- Perfect for safety!
- Perfect for fun!

Sound like somebody else on your Cell Phone !

Now you have the opportunity to make or receive calls on your cell phone and sound like "a young woman" or "a boasting man".

You can choose between 2 different voices.

Even your best friend will not be able to recognise your voice.

There are no limits as to how much fun you can make with your friends and colleagues.

This product is this year's hit!

- Compatible with most US mobile phones
- 2 Voice change options
- 30-Hour battery life in voice changer mode
- 3V CR1616 battery
- 62dB microphone
- Only Sony Ericsson adapter.
Time of delivery:
Delivery-time with FedEx Express is 2-4 business days

Price: USD $19.00

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