The Secret Diary - NEW!

The Secret Diary – A protected space for your private thoughts.

This digital secret diary allows you to keep your private thoughts completely secure.

It’s a removable USB device with extra fun features that requires a PIN for access. Plug it into a PC to use it, but when you’ve finished you simply unplug it and there’s nothing is left on the computer – everything’s saved securely to your Secret Diary.

So, at last there’s a digital diary that allows for personal creativity whilst keeping everything as secure as possible.

What good is a diary if it’s not completely secret? This secret diary is no bigger than a USB flash drive so it can be taken with you or hidden in a secure location, but even if it’s found, it still requires a PIN code for access.

It’s virtually hack-proof, with the latest in encryption software and leaves nothing behind on the computer it’s been used on.

However, if you do worry that you’ll forget your PIN you can back your diary up online, and there’s also an optional PIN replacement assistance service available too.

It’s a smart way to organising and protecting your personal records that’s small and cute enough to take with you wherever you go!

Secret Diary also lets you make it your own with a huge range of different customisation options and loads of extra fun features!

>> USB Secret Diary with PIN protection
>> Secured by 256bit encryption – virtually unbreakable!
>> Content is automatically destroyed upon forced access to internal chips
>> Intruders locked out after three incorrect PIN attempts
Time of delivery:
3 days by ordering before 16.30