SUPER MINI SPY CAM - New hot gadget!

Now you can make you own documentary movie!

- So small!
- Weight only 18g!
- No cables
- Records up to 4 hours!

This SUPER MINI SPY CAM is about the same size as a packet of chewing gum, making it ideal for surveillance!

You can With this SUPER MINI SPY CAM records up to 4 hours until the memory is full or the camera is manually switched off.

Its small size also makes it great for travel, and it can be kept in your pocket for all of those moments when you want to record something when on the move.

Its tiny size and simple operation make the SUPER MINI SPY CAM ideal for a variety of uses.

Whatever you do with it, you’ll know for sure you won’t miss a thing!

Video Format: 3GP video format. 176x144 QCIF @ 15 frames per second
Voice Recording: Yes
Micro SD Card/T-Flash Card Support: 128MB to 2GB (card not included)
Video File Size: >300KB per minute
Weight: 18g
Adaptor: USB Adaptor charging cable (also used for file transfer)
Time of delivery:
Delivery-time with FedEx Express is 2-4 business days

Price: USD $399.00

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