SPY COBRA - new!

The SPY COBRA is the latest in covert surveillance for your PC.

- Perfect for parents
- Spy on your employees
- Unfaithful boy/girlfriend?

Perfect for parents wanting to keep an eye on children's computer usage, employers who suspect their employees may be up to something, or for private investigators.

What makes the SPY COBRA special is that you don't need to leave anything plugged into the PC to arouse suspicion. Just plug it into a USB port, and in just 15 seconds it will install a piece of software that will log keys, remember websites visited, and even take screen shots at regular intervals. Then, when you want to retrieve the information, it's just a case of plugging the Spy Cobra into the USB port again, and all the data will be uploaded onto it so you can take it away and look at it on another PC at convenient time/place.

• USB Covert surveillance
• No hardware to leave plugged in and be detected
• Logs keystrokes, websites visited, and takes regular screen shots
• Transfer data back onto the Spy Cobra to be viewed at a convenient time and location
• No difficult installation
• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Vista SP1
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Sold out, will be delivered within 7 days

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The SPY COBRA is the latest in covert surveillance for your PC.
Price: USD $166.00

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