MEGA SIZE PHOTO ART - new hot design trend!

This new upcoming photograph Lindblad has a huge success all over the world with her breathtaking panoramic mega size color prints on canvas —some of them up to 5 feet high by twelve feet long— and have the presence, the power, and the majestic aura of nineteenth-century landscape paintings, without losing any of their meticulously detailed immediacy as photographs.

The artworks are so large, that you almost feel like you are in the woods, on the beach, or on the top of a mountain - when you look at the photo art you are in a dream world, you really believe you are in the middle of the photo - it is so realistic!

Available artwork:
GOLD - $40.000
BLUE - $40.000

For more information about the art please go to

“This product is ordered only on customer request, and can therefore not be ordered on-line. If you wish to buy the product, you must order the product at Price, delivery, terms and conditions can be further discussed. Please note that in the case of such individual orders the consumer law does not apply and there is no return service”
Time of delivery:
5 days by ordering before 16.30

Price: USD $40,000.00

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