THE TALKING BUTLER - New crazy gadget!


This is one of the funniest butlers ever seen!

You snap the TALKING BUTLER onto the wine bottleneck and he begins to talk.

- He will know when he is placed on the bottle, and he says ”JOIN THE PARTY!”

- He knows exactly how many people are drinking of the bottle.

- As the drinkers consume more drink, he gets more drunk and funnier.

- He knows when the bottle is nearly empty and asks for more!

- He knows when he is removed from a bottle ”Are you taking me to another bottle!”

When you pour wine to you glass The TALKING BUTLER also says on of following: ”It’s drinky poo time”, ”Oh we are not alone”, ”His is going well”, ”Jolly good vintage”, ”Do you come here often?”, ”Very very drunk!”, ”Burp!” And many more…..

This sweet and funny TALKING BUTLER will create a funny and good mood at any dinner-party or when you are home and pour a glass of wine to yourself.

This is the perfect gift to any wine lover who has everything!

Batteries incl.
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