HANDY MASSAGER - This is fantastic! (colour: RED)

THis HANDY MASSAGER will work wonders on your sore and aching muscles.

Simply press my thumb nail to turn me on and I get to work soothing and relaxing your whole body.

You can use the HANDY MASSAGER at the office, in school, at home against infiltrations in your shoulders, neck arms, calves, etc.

The HANDY MASSAGER vibrates and massages fantastically - it will give you the relaxing moments you need!

Invigorating massage action with or without the vibration function turned on.

Great for all parts of the body from top to bottom.

Easily relieves tension and stress.

(Requires 2 'AA' Batteries - not included

Colour: RED
Time of delivery:
Delivery-time with FedEx Express is 2-4 business days

Price: USD $22.00

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