Do you have problems with sleeping or do you want to take a nap?
Now, here is the GLO SLEEP MASK that really can help you.

How it works?
The inside of the foam mask has four luminescent dots in front of each eye (which can be activated by a bedside lamp).
By staring up at the highest dots you influence your brainwaves, turning them from beta (thinking, processing information) to alpha (physical and mental relaxation). Simply . . . it will switch off your mind! So tuck yourself in, and let the magic take hold.

Why is a good sleep important for me?
Better sleep will reduced stress, anxiety, irritability, and depression. Improve energy, concentration, alertness, memory, judgment, problem-solving ability, decision-making ability, motivation, and creative thinking.

Where can I use it?
Whether it's for a full night's sleep or just for a nap the GLO TO SLEEP MASK will help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested. On the plane or the train, at home or in a hotel room - we wish you a great sleep!
Time of delivery:
Delivery-time with FedEx Express is 2-4 business days

Price: USD $99.00

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