YOUR OWN TROPICAL ISLAND - Cool design trend!

Your own Tropical Island!

Who hasn't dreamt of kicking back on a tropical island paradise?

Now you can bring The Tropical Island Hammock everywhere, e.g. in you office, in you garden, by the swimming pool.

The Tropical Island Hammock is an utterly ludicrous and totally sublime complete paradise solution.

Two artificial palm trees (over 2 meters high and UV protected) complete with very realistic Tahitian palm fronds and coconuts support a triple woven polyester double hammock.

Both the hammock and the palm trees are built to withstand all weather conditions (except perhaps typhoons), and not only does the hammock come with a rope drink caddy and pillow, the palm trees come with an integrated dual-control mist mechanism for keeping you cool on hot summer days.

The perfect gift to the man who has everything!

"This product is ordered only on customer request, and can therefore not be ordered on-line. If you wish to buy the product, you must order the product at Price, delivery, terms and conditions can be further discussed. Please note that in the case of such individual orders the consumer law does not apply and there is no return service.

Time of delivery:
42 days by ordering before 16.30

Price: USD $9,280.00