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Big Boys Toys

This Drink & Drive Game is one of the coolest big boys toys this year, and one of the funniest drinking game ever seen! The DRINK & DRIVE GAME will wow your mates and keep you entertained for hours!

Novelty Toys

This is a completely crazy novelty toy to wear! Are you into smiles and happy days? The Talking Raccoon is the one for you. You will make everybody around you laugh. When you wear this Talking Raccoon, press the little button in front and the raccoon tail starts wagging while it makes two different sounds that make everybody cry with laughter.

Cool & Extreme Toys

The cool flying toy is RADIO CONTROLLED FLYING DRAGONFLY, the world's first radio-controlled flying insect! It is so crazy but a extreme funny toy.

Game Toys

The most wanted Game Toy is the Mini Tanks. Two remote controlled tanks with the option of fighting each other! Controlled via a handheld infra-red unit. This is so cool, and the perfect game toy to play with you friends or to battle at the office on the desk.