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The latest gadgets and the funniest gadgets you will find at, in other words "Things you did not know existed". We offer one of the largest selections of gag gadgets, gizmo gadgets, funny gift gadgets, novelty gadgets, spy gadgets, wellness gadgets, boy stuff gadgets, USB gadgets, toy gadgets, and golf gadgets.

Gags, gizmos and funny gadgets

We have a large selection in gag gadgets and gizmo gadgets. The worldwide famous one is the Puzzle Alarm Clock. The Puzzle Alarm Clock wakes you up by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air, and then it is your task to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock, this is a gag and a really funny gadget. Another gag gadget is the Remote Controlled Fart Machine. Spread fun and laughter with this gadget. It is easy to use, you press the remote button and set off one of the 5 different fart sounds. This is the greatest gag gadget ever made! Fun to bring at the office, in the school, at a meeting - everywhere! Our most wanted gizmo gadget must be the USB Vacuum Cleaner it looks so funky and crazy on the desk, but it really works!

Party gadgets is so cool and funky

Try the Funky Straws and the latest party gadget. Do you want to amaze your friends with one of the coolest party gadget around? Then try the new FUNKY STRAW for your next party! The CONFETTI EVENT SURPRISE is the hot new effekt, it is a handheld cannon popper filled with colourfull confetti, and will shoot the confetti up to 10 meter (33 Feet), and fall down smoothly. The CONFETTI EVENT SURPRISE is a very cool surprise for birthday parties, dinners, weddings, for grand openings, to amaze your dinner guests, and other special events.

USB gadgets, have fun at the desk

With this USB Terminator, you can feel safe. The USB Terminator will guard your PC and warn off any unwanted intruders! The USB Terminator activates though a sensor, and he can say six phrases. This is a cool USB Gadget.

Spy gadgets and Security gadgets

Have you ever wondered how a spy can look backwards? Here it the answer, the Spy Glasses. This is a real spy gadget. Our latest Security Gadget is the Computer Security Lock, and this kind of gadget is very wanted today where computer and data is very vitally important. The Computer Security Lock works by detecting if the user is present at their desk. When the user leaves the computer goes into lock mode. This is the perfect gadget gift to the business man or women.

Toy gadgets you did not know existed

Our latest toy gadget is the Sumo Fun, and is a remote controlled battling Sumo´S, this is fun! Sumo Fun is a very funny game to play at work, in school or to any party. The Musical Pens is a crazy new toy gadget, they are real pens but you can also play drums with them since there is a speaker in the base, and you can bring them to the office, in the school, everywhere!

The perfect gift to the golf player

The latest innovation in golf gadgets is the Flashing Golf Ball, with these Flashing Golf Balls you can play any time you wish. You Hit and the ball flash for 5 minutes, and allows you to control and see the ball at dusk. This is a very cool golf gadget. A very crazy but funny golf gadget is the Radio Controlled Golf Ball, you simply replace you golf partners ball just before they putt with the Radio Controlled Golf Ball, and secretly you control direction of the ball! Now you will have fun on the golf course, and watch their amazed faces as the ball moves around.