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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts and Christmas Gadgets

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The Christmas gift of the year

The world famous and most-wanted Christmas gift of the year is the Puzzle Alarm Clock. This is the alarm clock that is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning! The Puzzle Alarm Clock wakes you up by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air, and then it is your task to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock - it won't turn off until then. We offer FREE fast deliver worldwide with FedEx. Puzzle Alarm Clock is The Christmas Gift Of The Year!

The Christmas gadget of the year

The most crazy and cool Christmas gadget this year is THE SHOW OFF T-shirt, so cool in the dark. THE SHOW OFF T-Shirt is a t-shirt with a built in sound sensitive graphic equalizer panel. As the music beats the shirts equalizer lights up to the beat of the music, This is so cool and funky, and the lights flash in green, yellow and red in time to the music. Great for concerts and parties. The SHOW OFF T-shirt is the Christmas Gadget of the year.

The Christmas gift to the women who has everything

This is the best Christmas gift to the women who has everything The Book with with hidden compartment. Thieves will never dream of looking in this book for valuables! This book is a perfect gift to the person who want to hide money, valuable jewels, amongst other things when you are not at home or on holidays. This is the perfect Jewelry Box and the coolest Christmas gift to he women who has everything.

The Christmas gift to the man who has everything

This is the best gift of the year to the man who has everything. The Drink & Drive Game. The Drink & Drive Game will wow your mates and keep you entertained for hours! Strategic driving skills are all that are required in this game. Do you have what it takes to pass the driving test? Drink & Drive game is The Christmas Gift to the man who has everything. Free Fast Delivery worldwide.

The Christmas gift to the smokers who has everything

The Christmas gift to the smoker. This cool and funny ashtray is designed to look like a real pair of lungs! As you place your cigarette on the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as though the cigarette is lighted up in a real lung! This is a great Christmas gift for the smoker, or the person who want to give up smoking? The Funny Christmas gift to the smoker who has everything!

The Xmas gift to the golf player who has everything

This year hottest Xmas Gift to the golf player. Do you want to play golf after sunset? - With this innovative FLASHING GOLF BALL you are free to play any time you wish. Hit and flash for 5 minutes, allows you to control and see the ball at dusk. Aprox. 40 hours of battery life. Official USGA weight, size symmetry, velocity and distance standard. This is the coolest and hottest Christmas gift of the year to the golf player. FREE & Fast delivery worldwide with FedEx. No delivery charges.

Top 5 Most Unique Christmas Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything.

1. THE PUZZLE ALARM CLOCK is the most-wanted Christmas Gift, Nobody sleeps through this!
2. THE MOB BOSS - Worlds funniest money box! This is a funny gadget.
3. SUDOKU TOILET PAPER, The worlds first Sudoku Toilet Roll Paper is now available for toilets in homes and offices! A real Funny Gizmo gift.
4. COMPUTER SECURITY LOCK, Computer and data security is vitally important. This is the perfect Christmas gift to the Business Man.
5. SINGING ELVIS MAGNET, Stick this SINGING ELVIS MAGNET on your fridge and listen to a Elvis tune at a push of a button! Crazy Christmas Gift.

Top 5 The Funniest Christmas Gifts this year

1. THE TALKING RACCOON. Are you into smiles and happy days? Here is a funny gimmick for you that are guaranteed to make everybody around you laugh.
2. THE FART MACHINE. This is your chance to make your family, the entire office or an entire party cry with laughter. Most wanted Funny Christmas gift.
3. USB RETRO VACUUM CLEANER. This is so funny and cool and suck up all the dusk at your working desk. A very funny Christmas gift.
4. AFTERNOON TEA LIP GLOSS - This is the hottest funny beauty gadget and the funniest Christmas gift this year. They smell as good as they look, with corresponding flavors to the matching cake. So Crazy!
5. THE HAPPY BABY CAP - The Donald Trump!This is the latest funny innovation for babies, and is now one of the hottest baby trends in Hollywood! This is a really funny Christmas Gift.

Top 5 The Hottest Christmas Gadgets & Gizmos this year

1. FUNKY STRAW Want to amaze your friends with one of the coolest party gadget around? Then try the new FUNKY STRAW for your next party! The hottest Christmas Gift this year.
2. MUSICAL PENS, so funny to play with these drums stick pens. The hottest Christmas gift to bring in the office or school.
3. CRAZY CLOCK. It´s now FUN to wake up! You have never seen anything like this! his is one of the funniest and most crazy alarm clocks in the world! A perfect Christmas gadget.
4. MINI TANKS - This is a cool desktop game! The hottest Christmas Gadget this year.
5. WELLNESS MASSAGE, The hottest Christmas Gadget to you friend or family. Roll the massager across hands, feet, arms, leg, feet, shoulder or other stressed areas of tightness to relieve tension. This is a very de-stressed Christmas gift.